Transcriptions for video productions can be difficult to handle on your own. With low voice volumes, muffled phrases, and language issues, it can be a timely, frustrating process. And trying to find that one sound bite can take hours to find. This is time that you don’t have time to waste.

And that’s why you’re going to need a transcription pro to expertly handle your production transcription needs. The experts at FFTranscription know this can be a time-consuming process. With years of experience transcribing all types of video footage, our team can seamlessly expedite your production transcription.

Whether your footage is an interview, walk & talk, an as-broadcasted script, or any other type, our team is experienced in delivering the right format for your needs. See how we can help you.


Providing 30 second timestamps as our standard, our format makes it easy to pull clips and quotes.


Let our team handle this task in record time! Enjoy the fast turnaround and cost savings of professional production transcripts.